by Secta Rouge

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released October 31, 2010




We formed in Edinburgh in 2005 and have since then forged forward in the desperate search of our number one fan. Our first fan even. Just someone capable of listening. For a moment?

The music is an intense sound that we create from the diverse backgrounds and interests of the five of us. We put a lot of ourselves into our music, at the expense of everyone immediately around us. We exhibit red hot anger and pathetic frailty anytime we try to communicate amongst ourselves so, with nothing else available to us, this is what shapes the sounds that we create.

Somehow we have managed to play over 150 shows, toured the length of the UK and Ireland and aim to hit mainland Europe this year. We have had the unmittigated pleasure to play alongside some genuinely brilliant bands including (but not exclusively): Dysrhythmia, Zu, HORSE the Band, Ed Gein, Phoenix Bodies, Chickenhawk, Blakfish, Tombs, Meet Me in St Louis, Army of Flying Robots, Made Out of Babies, Errander, Chronicles of Adam West, Palehorse, Nitkowski, get the idea. We were also booked to play with the amazing NoMeansNo this December...winter screwed us over.

We have just released our first full length LP gloriously entitled "Seabasstard" on our own label 'Vertical Seas Recordings'. It's the best thing we have ever done. Yet.


Recorded at Split Level Studios, Edinburgh
Recorded and Engineered by Neil McNaught
Mixed by Neil McNaught and Secta Rouge
Mastered by Jason Sanderson
Artwork by Flo @ IdleMindsArt Studios
Layout by Jak Camoletto

1. Fill in the Blanks (Philip Banks)
2. Second Childhood
3. Why is for Yak?
4. Statutory Ape
5. Minotaur
6. Dance of the 3 Snakes
7. The Well
8. Pleasure Quest
9. The Great Hunt

Tenor Saxophone on 'Fill in the Blanks' by Zack Moir








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Secta Rouge Edinburgh, UK

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